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Product Design
User Research
Coaching & Consulting
Senior Interaction Designer
Head of IxD at Digital Product School
UnternehmerTUM was founded in 2002 by the entrepreneur Susanne Klatten. With more than 50 high-growth technology start-ups each year and its unique offering, it is the leading center for business creation in Europe.
I joined UnternehmerTUM in 2016,  researching and designing internal knowledge management processes and tools. Since then I consulted on Design and Design Research, internally as well as for various clients of UnternehmerTUM. I also co-founded Digital Product School, where I headed the IxD Track.
In 2017 we founded Digital Product School, where I acted as the Head of IxD. In a highly interdisciplinary setting, we researched and prototyped solutions in the field of mobility and transportation services, while educating our clients and participating students in the field of product development and interdisciplinary collaboration.
As head of IxD I was part of a  team of product managers, software engineers and AI specialists. I supported teams and clients in conducting user research as well as designing products and services.
Program Development

Currated the curriculum of Digital Product School over 6 batches and gave workshops in user research, usability testing, design systems and. Developed partnerships with local design agencies, design focused startups and freelancers

Planned, organised and moderated multiple workshops like mulitday design sprint workshops for partners and customers of UnternehmerTUM, including BMW, Wagner, FC Bayern, Linde and Porsche Consulting.
Supervision of IxD Participants

Worked with up to 8 Interaction Designers each batch, over 35 in total. From interviewing over on boarding to weekly 1:1s. Responsbile of 1 - 2 teams per batch.
Interaction Design

Extensive support for desgin related tasks like user research, concept and design and protoyping for teams at DPS. In addition to that, worked on internal service tools for UnternehmerTUM and / or web related branding activities for different programs of UnternehmerTUM.
I also worked on internal branding initiatives and internal knowledge management tools and processes. In addition to that, I organized and moderated workshops and design sprints for clients such as FC Bayern, Linds & BMW.